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Based on our extensive experience and our network of partners we are your reliable partner for all aspects of the blockchain technology, being the first ICO Full-Service provider in Germany.

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ICO Force is a Berlin-based ICO Full-Service Provider that covers every aspect of a company’s ICO process (including pre- and post-ICO) from planning, company incorporation, and model review, to token creation, smart contract, and product prototype development. Also, ICO Force offers project funding, security services, marketing, and PR through to exchange listing and post-ICO community management or product support – all accompanied by an appropriate ICO program management. Headquartered in Berlin, ICO Force operates internationally and supports clients launching their coin offering projects.

ICO Force benefits from being a partnership between licensed legal, financial, trustees, fiduciary service providers and a blockchain development company, an ICO-focused multi- channel marketing agency and a group of blockchain investors.

Based on the extensive experience of ICO Force and its network of partners, ICO Force is your reliable partner for all aspects of the blockchain technology, being the first ICO Full-Service Provider in Germany.

These verticals enable us to provide services pre-, main-, and post- ICO – All covered by an in-house ICO program management.

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CHAINWISE Group is specialized in end-to-end blockchain engineering – focusing on enterprise technology and solution consulting.

CHAINWISE Group provides expert consulting in blockchains and crypto-currencies from best-in-class experts. Headquartered in Berlin, we operate internationally and support clients launching blockchain technologies into their businesses.

At CHAINWISE Group, we aim to bring blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) to a broad audience. Next, to ICO Force, we offer an extensive portfolio of services which ranges from consulting in strategy and technology, training and development to security and marketing. All services provided comply with our high standards of professionalism and maturity, serving as an anchor point for enterprises and startups who want to engage with the world of decentralized systems.

Based on our extensive experience and our network of partners we are your reliable partner for all aspects of the blockchain technology.


ICO Force Marketing Token


  • ICO Marketing Strategy
  • Support for Branding
  • Development of Website for Token Sale
  • SEO for mobile and desktop
  • Facebook Page Optimization
  • Utilization of customer business tools
  • Review ICO whitepaper
  • Design Support for ICO whitepaper
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • ICO Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Newsletter Marketing
  • Marketing Monitoring
  • Digital Investor acquisition strategy
  • Digital Advertising
  • Landing Page Design
  • Bounty Campaign Management
  • Creatives
ICO Force Technology Token


  • Assessment of technical feasibility
  • Investor Portal
  • KYC – Know Your Customer
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Online security
  • Wallet and private key security services
  • Blockchain Development
  • Business Model Review
  • Technical White
  • Multi-Signature Wallet
  • Operational Security setup/insurance
  • Security Audits
  • Token Economics
ICO Force Management Token


  • Research about ICO investors
  • Initialization
  • Setup of Collaboration
  • Review Business Model and ICO Strategy
  • Assistance for token design and token economy
  • Preparation and Support of Presale-Roadshow
  • Exchange Listing
  • ICO Concept validation
  • Reputation Management
  • Community Management
  • 360°-ICO-Program-Management to facilitate/ensure cooperation between ICO Initiator-Team /ICO Force-Team and corporate third-party service provider
ICO Force Funding Token


  • Funding of the pre-ICO process including product POC/product/prototype development

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ICO Force serves a wide variety of clients within and outside of the Blockchain community.


After graduating in Mathematics and Computer Science at TU Darmstadt, Adrian worked with Deutsche Börse AG for seven years. Thereafter, he co-founded techdev Solutions, a software development company, in early 2013. Back then was also the time he first bought Bitcoin and he has been following the Bitcoin and Blockchain space ever since.

With techdev Solutions, Adrian started developing blockchain-based software in late 2016, with a particular focus on ICOs from 2017. His main passion has since been the nature of decentralized solutions and their potential to disrupt their traditional, centralized counterparts.

Adrian has been working with more than 15 ICO projects not only on technical and development aspects but also concerning sustainable business models, token design, and economics, governance as well as operability, ICO structure, and financing. He has been acting as a judge for several contests and hackathons, one of them being the Open-Innovation Platform of the German Ministry of Economics.

Adrian is the co-founder of Rubix.one, a crypto-lending platform that has been selected for the 2018 finals by the German Accelerator.

He co-founded CHAINWISE Group and ICO Force and acts as CEO of ICO Force and CTO of CHAINWISE Group.

Marcel is among the pioneers of entrepreneurs that specialize in Initial Coin Offering (ICO) marketing. He has worked on more than 6 ICO projects.

He successfully managed all aspects of the eSports.com ICO from setting up the marketing team structure to community building and digital advertising. 

Marcel’s experience in ICO Marketing has led to several blockchain projects that he manages and directs. He is the founder of Anchor Point Marketing, and an advisor at Asgard Capital where has set up the digital infrastructure for the Asgard Singularity Fund ICO. 

He is among the founders of ICO Force and CHAINWISE Group that specialize in ICO end-to-end full-services and blockchain consulting.

Swen is a serial entrepreneur and received a row of national and international entrepreneur awards over the last years – in 2017 he also was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 in the State of Saxony, Germany. In 2017, he sold his last co-founded and market leading IT Cloud Consulting Business to Accenture – today better known as Accenture Cloud Services GmbH.

Swen has a strong financial and operational background. His motivation is to bring seriousness and professionalism from the enterprise consulting business to the blockchain industry.

After studying tax law, auditing, controlling and statistics – Swen started his career as a business consultant and Auditor at KPMG and Arthur Andersen.

Being Group CEO and founder of the CHAINWISE Group, he also serves/ed as MD resp. in different C-Level roles at Accenture Cloud Services GmbH, solid-serVision.com GmbH, ixecINVEST GmbH, DERIVATIVES Investment GbR, and ICO Force GmbH. He also served as Business Finance Manager in different senior roles at AMD Inc. and GlobalFoundries Inc..


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